SABOR BIO is renewing its website

Estamos a renovar o nosso website

After over a decade of service, our original website is gracefully transitioning to make room for a modern and updated online presence. Our commitment to quality remains steadfast, and we invite you to witness the evolution as we embark on this renovation.

What happened to the old website?

In the past couple of years, our focus has been dual — expanding our production to meet growing demand for our products while maintaining and, if possible, enhancing their quality. This journey meant redirecting our energy inward, reorganizing our processes to better prepare for the exciting future ahead. Unfortunately, that meant that our website has not been a priority for us and, as such, it has become outdated.

What is happening now?

While our internal initiatives continue, our immediate focus is shifting to the renewal of our website in the coming months. This renovation will be a dynamic, ongoing process. Throughout this transition, our old website will remain operational and accessible, serving as a bridge during this transition. As the process advances, we'll seamlessly transfer and review content from the old website to the new one, infusing it with fresh content.

What's next?

To streamline our communication with our followers and clients, we're transitioning away from scattered social networks and have opted for a more centralized approach — a blog. The newsletter is making a comeback too. Anticipate a monthly digest featuring updates on new points of sale, product availability, event participation, and website developments. Even our online store, presently on the old website, is in line for a makeover.

Want to stay in the loop?

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Your journey with SABOR BIO is just beginning—let's savor every moment together.

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